Public Adjuster Services


Water Damage

After facing water damage, appropriate assistance from our professional staff will conduct your claim to a successful ending. Water leaks, burst pipes, or any other domestic accident damage your home and affects your peace of mind. Trust on our services.


Hurricane Damage

Devastation after hurricanes is a tough mission to endure for you and your family. Rely on Molina Rangel experience in insurance claim. We manage hurricane events all along Florida State.


Flood Damage

Flood entering your home provoke damages in structures, furniture and appliances. Do not wait for major damages in your property. Ask for the trustable services of a public adjuster to conduct your insurance claim. Molina Rangel is here for help.


Mold Damage

Water damages and mildew trigger mold growth at residences and business. It is a matter of health to remediate it. Your insurance policy can cover all those damages caused by mold growth just ask our assistance during the claim. Molina Rangel Public adjusters by your side.


Roof Damage

To protect your home, furniture and your family must be your priority. Roof damages exposed everything in your residence. Even though you have an insurance policy, this not guarantees a happy ending. Always call a public adjuster, call Molina Rangel staff.


Fire Damage

The damages caused by fire can be easily repaired when you get a good settlement from your insurance company. Molina Rangel has the expertise and ability in getting the best agreement for you to overcome the damages.


Storm Damage

Winds and heavy storms left too much damage behind. Execute your claim in a safe way, with our professional assistance. We provide an adequate assistance in every step of your claim.


Theft and Vandalism

Unlawful actions like theft and vandalism committed at your property result in immeasurable losses. Assure a correct settlement that permit you recover as much as possible. Call us anytime. Free inspection provided.