Progressive Claims Phone Number. Insurance claim: How do I file a claim?

Progressive Claims Phone Number. Insurance claim:
How do I file a claim?

Progressive is a versatile insurance company that provides a range of options for preserving and recovering your property in case of an accident.

This insurance company offers protection for vehicles (from cars, motorcycles and boats to RVs, snowmobiles and even segways), home and property, and others (health, business, home financing and more).

This insurer provides his services in New York, Ohio and Texas. In case you, your family or your property have been involved in an accident, you need to follow a procedure to receive proper remuneration from your mishap.

This insurer allows for filing claims online and the chance to keep track of their progress through a mobile app and web service, which makes their platform very flexible and convenient. Another option to file a claim includes calling at progressive insurance phone number 1-800-776-4737.

You will be able to receive guidance and provide information about your accident on any platform you prefer.

While the process of filing a claim may seem simple and quick, there is a chance you can miss filing a particular piece of information. A small detail could represent a game changer to get your claim approved and receive the compensation you deserve.

Our public adjusters at Molina Rangel are highly experienced dealing with claims from this insurance provider and we will be pleased to lend you a helping hand in the process.

The first step is understanding the process properly and knowing some of the implications surrounding it.

What do I do in case of an accident?

If you ever get involved in an accident, the priority is your own and your family’s safety. In the case of a car accident, and there are visible injuries you must contact emergency services immediately.

Wait for the help to arrive at the site before moving yourself or anyone involved in the accident depending on the severity of the injuries.

Avoid moving someone who is seriously injured, provided they are not in immediate danger.

If there are no major injuries sustained, you need to reach safety without moving anything from the place of the accident.

It is very important that you do not move your vehicle from its final position on your own, as it will be crucial for understanding and proving the fault in the accident.

No matter if it is a fender bender or a major collision, calling the police should be a priority too.

Some states require a police report to be included in filing a claim and even if it is not required, an official report will be of great assistance in the process of filing your claim regardless of fault.

In case of theft, a record of your belongings is always helpful. Any receipts or proofs of purchase, pictures or other visual evidence of your property, and a detailed list of your stolen items and their value are necessary when filing the claim.

Whether the theft is in progress or it happened while you were away, you need to contact the police and report the incident.

In case of other types of disasters that involve injuries, property loss or damage, collecting evidence (once proved it is safe to do so) is capital. Molina Rangel and our adjusters understand how traumatic these events can be.

We specialize in collecting the necessary evidence, properly sorting it and filing it along with your claim.

How do I file a claim?

As mentioned above, this insurer offers the possibility to file a claim by phone, online and on their mobile app.

If you have a car accident they also have 24/7 roadside assistance through the number 1-800-776-2778, provided you purchased this coverage with your policy.

Remember to have at hand all the information and evidence regarding your policy and the accident. Pay attention to every detail, as they can be decisive in winning your claim.

Molina Rangel can assess your case at any moment and help you success in this challenging process.

Our public adjusters will determine how valuable the information you are providing is and we will guide you gather and file anything you may have missed out.

Some of the items you need to submit include: the type of claim you are filing, the description of your accident, insurance information for all parties involved and driver(s), vehicle(s) information (if applicable).

Depending on your type of claim, the evidence you need to submit may vary. It is always a good idea to keep visual records and statements of the circumstances involving the accident as memory can fade away and facts can be lost over time.

Taking too long before you file a claim will be detrimental in achieving a fruitful resolution of your claim.

How do I prevent my rates from going up?

We all want to make the most out of our investment on any field. Insurance policies are not an exception to this fact. Yet filing too many claims or even as little as one can set off an alarm with your insurance provider.

The Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) is a system that allows insurance companies to interchange information about your claim history and overall insurance record. When you lose points on your record for any reason, your premiums may rocket.

In some extreme cases, your insurer can decide to drop your coverage and even blacklist you as a liability and all other insurance companies could access this information, preventing you from receiving any insurance coverage.

For your peace of mind, there are some options and steps you can follow to prevent your insurer from seeing you as a risk to their coffers. Getting high deductible and paying small repairs on your own is always a plus for you.

The less you use your policy to get minor repairs done, the better you look to your insurer. Even when you file some claims, regardless of fault, insurers offer you the option to get “accident forgiveness”.

This option allows you to maintain your current pricing and coverage when you are found at-fault in a car accident. If you are proven to be a good driver, there is no need to make use of this option.

Progressive gives you the possibility to acquire it and make use of it, though.

Why do I need a help mediating my claims?

It is true you can find guidance and assistance to make a claim by yourself. Insurance companies may even aid in this process. Yet, there are many possibilities that will prevent you from getting your claim approved with the maximum compensation.

When you face a calamity, you may get upset and the risk of making a mistake while filing a claim will spike. At Molina Rangel we empathize with your loss and we will work to provide the best assistance for you.

We understand insurance companies are usually after their own interests and they leave your needs and interests in the background.

Our public adjusters at Molina Rangel have vast experience dealing with claims against Progressive.

The processes of gathering, sorting and submitting the necessary evidence, handling all your personal and insurance policy information for the effects of the claim, will be done with upmost professionalism.

Our ultimate goal will always be achieving the most beneficial outcome for you.

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