Nationwide Insurance Claims Phone Number. Claim: Key steps to follow

Nationwide Insurance Claims Phone Number. Claim:
Key steps to follow when an accident has occurred

Accidents are more present in our lives today than thirty years ago. Having damage or loss of something or someone you appreciate, such as your home, car, or a beloved one is an unpleasant experience.

Then, dealing with the expenses of getting your car or your house roof repaired by yourself is not an enjoyable journey. That is why people trust their tranquility to an insurance company, in this case, Nationwide.

Nationwide insurance services include protection for properties, cars, renters, pets, boats and watercraft, and life or annuity. It covers property losses caused by wind, water, hail, or theft. If your car was vandalized or stolen, if the windshield or any other glass got broken, Nationwide will handle it, but you need to file a claim in order to start the process.

With the purpose of getting a reasonable remuneration, it is necessary to file a claim through one of the two alternatives they provide.

You either can do it by phone calling the service number 1-800-421-3535 or you can do it online accessing to the insurance company’s website on

It looks very simple and easy to do, right? It might not be so. When filing a claim, a lot of things can go wrong.

If you lack a piece of information or evidence, or add something that does not fit well enough, your claim can be declined. Facing that kind of situation can be frustrating and stressful. We truly understand you and would like to help you.

At Molina Rangel, we have a qualified team of public adjusters that have filed claims for this insurance company, and have achieved every goal, successfully. We will be glad to help you go through this whole process and end up victorious.

Therefore, it is essential to know each one of the stages of the procedure to accomplish our goal.

Key steps to follow when an accident has occurred

  • Keep calm and serenity. It is vital that you and your loved ones are out of danger. Everything is going to work out just fine.
  • If you had a car crash and you are hurt, call emergency services and wait until they get to you. If you are not hurt, do not move your vehicle, so it will be better for understanding the accident. On the other hand, if your car or home was vandalized, remain calm, and make sure there are no thieves around or inside your house.
  • Contact the police department immediately. When the authorities finish checking, access your home or car and take specific notes of anything that is missing or broken making a list with their value and any proof of existence.
  • Call the police, in case you suffered a car crash, car vandalism, or a home or auto theft. It is always helpful to have a police report in order to maximize the process speed.
  • If the accident is related to natural disasters, make sure you collect evidence. Winds and water can damage several areas of your home, so take as many detailed pictures or videos as you can.  Having visual proof of the injuries suffered in every circumstances are significant when filing a claim.
  • If there are any witnesses or injured people, please take names, phone numbers, and addresses, if possible. We are going to need it.
  • In case of a car crash, collect the descriptions and explicit damages to all vehicles involved.
  • Call the Nationwide Claims phone number at 1-800-421-3535 to notify.

How do I file a claim?

For filing a claim, Nationwide gives you two options: Online and by phone.

To make it online, you have to go to the insurer’s website page, log into your account, and then, click “Claims”, so you can file yours. In the following option, you can call the Nationwide Claims phone number 1-800-421-3535, and file the initial details of your claim.

Whether you call the insurer or go to the website page to file your claim, you will be required to give some important information like your name and social security number. Also, you will need your policy number, and information on your coverage.

Remember the names, phone numbers, and addresses of any witnesses or harm people we mentioned you above? Well, you will need that now, too. You will be also asked for general loss information with details of the mishap, so the insurer can begin the claim research.

You will need to submit specific pictures and videos as evidence.

If at this point of the reading you feel like you are lacking vital information, do not worry!

Our public adjusters will guide and help you gather every piece of evidence missing. Molina Rangel specializes in this type of cases. We want to support you, so you receive the benefit you deserve.

Then, after collecting everything, the following step, it is to file the claim as soon as possible, because it shortens the procedure time and, magnifies the opportunity of getting your claim approved.

How do I prevent my rates from going up?

We are very sure you do not want your rates to increase. So, the healthiest way would be not to file too many claims.

Doing so in events when the deductible is significantly higher than your loss or damages would rise your rates.

Exceeding a reasonable amount of claims can shock your insurer and even make him choose not to renew your policy.

As we do not want any of that to happen, we advise you to make minor repairs out-of-your-pocket in order to maintain your rates and to be seen as a low-risk policyholder by your insurer.

If you ever have a car accident and you are the main responsible, your rates can rise meaningfully, but with Nationwide you can ask for Accident Forgiveness. It will help you avoid a rate increase following the first at-fault accident on your policy.

The insurance provider also extends Accident Forgiveness to other drivers on your policy, including teenage drivers, but it can only be used for one forgiven accident per policy.

In the case that you need to repair your car, you are free to choose a repair shop from the On Your Side Auto Repair Network® as they come with a written guarantee for as long as you own or lease the car.

However, in the case of need to repair your home, Nationwide give you freedom to find your own contractor or select one from their On Your Side® Property Repair Network. If you want your own contractor, Molina Rangel can help you find the best and most adequate for the job.

Why do I need a help mediating my claims?

These claim processes are hardly ever quick and accepted without some extra help and guidance. It is not easy to suffer a calamity, try to keep the rest of your life going, and do the tedious and stressful process of filing an insurance claim.

We want to help you. We can advise you in what steps to take, sort, and gather enough evidence in order to submit a solid claim.

We can even reapply a claim for you. Our public adjusters have plenty of experience dealing with claims against Nationwide.

Molina Rangel will always do our best to reduce the time period for your claim to be accepted.

We truly know you want to go back to your normal life. Working by the hand, you can maximize your remuneration with our professional assistance.

Our main concern is that you get what you deserve as quickly as possible.

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