Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Damage

We have heard so many sorrowful stories about hurricane damage experiences and many come from people who did not decide to hire a public adjuster during their insurance claim. Hurricane damage is devastating enough as it is — do yourself a favor and hire a public adjuster at Molina & Rangel Associates to help you during this extremely difficult time. A public adjuster is a professional who takes charge of an insurance claim in your favor in front of the insurance company — using experience, skills, and knowledge. The use of a public adjuster saves you time, money, and frustration when you are dealing with hurricane damage to your home.

Why Hurricanes Are so Damaging?

When you hear about a hurricane, the first thing that probably comes to mind is utter disaster — rightfully so. The extreme winds, large amounts of water, and flooding can cause immeasurable damages to homes. With 200 mph wind speeds transforming into lethal canyon bullets, objects are thrown all over the place. Strong winds also generate other chain reactions because they mobilize huge masses of water, which then flood all surroundings.

There are five different types of hurricanes, classified from categories one to five. Category one is the least damaging, whereas category five is the most extreme. Hurricane season ranges from June 1st to November 30th. Thanks to the well-known destruction hurricanes leave behind, houses built in at-risk areas are nowadays made of insulating concrete, which are more resistant than timber. If you have suffered the damage caused by a hurricane, do not hesitate to contact Molina & Rangel Associates for a free claim analysis or inspection.

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The Importance of Hiring Molina & Rangel to Handle Your Hurricane Claims

Hiring a public adjuster is an excellent choice when you are thinking about starting a claim with your insurance company. Among the many reasons that hiring an adjuster is beneficial, the first is that legal terminology can be overwhelming and frustrating to clients who do not have any legal background — as seasoned professionals, we can help. With our combined experience, we are able to decipher all of the complicated legal lingo and help simplify it so our clients can understand. Molina & Rangel public adjusters are here to help you understand legal terminology and provide you with expertise to formulate the best possible claim to present to your insurance company!

Another reason hiring a public adjuster is so important is simply because we have experience in dealing with insurance claims. We know the necessary steps to each claim like the back of our hand! From the beginning of our claims process, we will follow a secure procedure that guarantees you will receive an excellent settlement. We will keep you informed during every step because your feedback is critical to us. We want you to feel comfortable and informed through the entire claims process. You are, after all, the most important person involved in the claim.

Our comprehensive staff — including consultants in complementary fields — helps us enhance our performance by supporting us with relevant information, results, and files, so we can get you the best outcome for your claim.

If you are not supported by your insurance company during a claim or your claim is rejected, you may be unprotected during a new claim. Molina & Rangel has seen this many times before, and we know just what to do. As experts, we will assess the situation and make the appropriate amendments to your current claim or start a new one to increase the chances that your claim will be accepted. It is our duty to reopen claims that have been rejected and get each of our clients the compensation they deserve.

According to statistics, victims of hurricane damages who live in Florida that hired public adjuster to represent them in a claim, got settlements of more than 600% higher than those who did not. Hurricanes cause immeasurable damage within your home and on your property. For the majority of victims, it is unclear how much home and property repairs will cost, but Molina & Rangel Associates can help you gain a better understanding of how much you will have to pay and what you will be awarded. We know that hurricanes are devastating, so we pride ourselves on being able to offer good news in the midst of despair.

If your home has fallen victim to the disastrous path of a hurricane, contact Molina & Rangel Associates for insurance adjustment. We will help you get the compensation you deserve!

Benefits of hiring a Public Adjuster

When you hire us as public adjusters you receive countless benefits, in time, effort and money. Our services guarantee that your claim will be prosecuted in an accurate way and you will get the most benefit possible.

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What Can Molina & Rangel Do for You in the Case of a Hurricane?

Successful claims are the result of carrying out an excellent procedure by carefully following a set of well-planned, specific steps. When you work with Molina & Rangel Associates, we will guarantee your satisfaction and start working on your claim right away. Because we want to keep you informed of any changes to your claim, we will have close communication with you throughout the entire process. Below, you will find information regarding our methodology, so you can have a general idea of what to expect when we represent you.

According to our methodology at Molina & Rangel, we will begin the first meeting by asking you each and every detail about your case. You will be expected to inform us of every piece of damage on your property or home so we can fully understand how much money you should receive. We will then review your insurance policy terms with you, which will help us to advise you about the next step in claim preparation. Our experts will also make some projections based on the damages mentioned and the policy clauses. If both parties agree with what we have come up with, the contract is signed and we schedule the first visit to your property.

During the first visit to your property, we deeply inspect all of the damages. If required, we will invite other Molina & Rangel specialists to collect information. After a hurricane, it is common for places that have been damaged by water to start growing mold. If this is the case on your property, we will have specialists in toxins come in to assist us. We will then update your claim to reflect what these specialists discover.

Our standard procedure for property inspection is as follows:

  • Inspect entire property
  • Make an inventory of all damages
  • Verify information in current insurance policy
  • Call specialists to property to complement the information
  • Collect any proof of the process (pictures or other evidence)

After we collect the evidence and have analyzed all policy clauses, we will organize the paperwork that we will be presenting to the insurance company. During this step, we will consult you to confirm all of the information related to the claim. If you happen to remember information that has been left out, now is a good time to let us know so we can add it before submitting it to your insurance company. After all of the claims information has been verified by you, we will separate the claim into the correct category to match your policy provisions. Both parties must agree on the information stated on all forms.

After we submit the claim to your insurance company, we will follow-up on its status every day. During this stage, follow-up is critical because the coverage provider might have questions about the claim and our assistance at the insurance company is needed to answer them. Our careful follow-up assures that the process will move quickly and smoothly. After your insurance company has reviewed the claim, we will consult you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied before we approve it — we will not proceed before we have received your feedback.

We understand that insurance claims can be frustrating and overwhelming, but we hope this breakdown is helpful to you. If your home has recently suffered hurricane damage, contact Molina & Rangel Associates for help with your home insurance claims.

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