How Can a Public Adjuster Help Me?

In our many years of professional experience, we have heard many different stories about negative experiences with insurance companies and policies. Because of these policies, we have seen entire families living in shelters and businesses in bankruptcy.

You may be asking yourself why they would choose not to purchase an insurance policy. The unfortunate part is that many of these people did have insurance coverage — they were just unaware of how to properly execute the claims.

If you have no experience in claims, it is more important that you receive some assistance. Your insurance company will provide you an adjuster at no charge, and he/she will gather information about your loss, the magnitude of the damage, and the possibility of subrogation.

However, insurance companies often aim to pay you the lowest amount of compensation. At Molina & Rangel, our team of professionals will ensure that your claim is executed perfectly to ensure that you receive every dime of compensation you deserve for your home damage claim. 

Our mission as public adjusters is to ensure that the correct procedure for your claim is followed from start to finish, ensuring maximum benefits.

Our vast technical expertise and ability to interpret the ambiguity of insurance policies, including the complex terminology, will allow you to receive the maximum amount of indemnification for your claims. We commit ourselves to increase the settlement value of your loss.

Contact Molina & Rangel Associates if you have incurred home damage and are in need of claims assistance. 

As public adjusters, we are able to recognize when a claim is insubstantial and disputable and can assist you in creating a more solid claim.

Sometimes, the language used by insurance companies can be confusing for policyholders, making it difficult for them to comprehend the insurance claims process.

Part of our job at Molina & Rangel is to help our clients understand confusing terms and provide them with appropriate advice.

Our firm knowledge of the law provides you protection against legal responsibilities between insurance companies and policyholders.

Contact Molina & Rangel Associates for assistance in interpreting insurance claims to ensure maximum benefits. 

As far as costs for public adjustment, most of our adjusters are paid based on a percentage of the total settlement.

Percentages may vary based on the type and amount of the insurance claim. Other factors, such as time spent on the claims process, can also affect the end cost. The use of a specialist will also increase the cost of a claim.

Hiring a public adjuster is a wise investment, as you are increasing the amount of compensation you will receive for your home damage claim. Not only are we ensuring that you receive more money, we are also providing you with peace of mind and stress relief.

By allowing us to handle the insurance claims process, you will be able to focus on rebuilding your home and getting your life back to normal after experiencing home damage. Contact Molina & Rangel Associates today for claims assistance in home damage claims. 

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