Geico Claims Phone Number. Insurance Claim: What do I do in case of an accident?

Geico Claims Phone Number. Insurance Claim:
What do I do in case of an accident?

One of the many insurance companies you can find in America that offers good coverage and rates is GEICO. You can find this insurance company’s offices throughout the entire American territory.

A number of affiliated and non-affiliated insurance companies provide GEICO’s services depending on the type of claim and your location. You can find a full list of their affiliated and non-affiliated insurance companies on the page

You can contact them by phone through their number (800) 207-7847, their mobile app or on their web site You can file a claim through their mobile app or online and keep track of its progress at any time of the day.

This flexibility is very convenient and you can also report any incidents on either platform or call roadside assistance through the number (800) 424-3426, report problems related to property through the number (800) 241-8098, or business related events through (866) 509-9444.

Molina Rangel has a team of public adjusters at your disposal that are familiar with the intricacies of filing a claim against GEICO.

Technology allows for quickness, but you need a lot of attention to detail not to miss any important information from your claim. We understand how upsetting is finding you in the middle of an accident without knowing exactly what to do.

Our public adjusters will focus on collecting and submitting all necessary evidence for you as long as you contact us.

When you are on the road and an accident happens, you need to make sure you and everyone around you is safe. You need to check for injuries and call emergency services.

If you or your family are at risk of suffering more severe injuries, get to safety, otherwise avoid moving anyone or anything from the site.

It is very important that you do not tamper with the final scene before taking pictures, because showing the exact position of objects and even people can serve as evidence to make your claim successful.

Always be mindful of your safety and those around you; when a person is injured, try not to move them unless they are in immediate danger.

Always call an ambulance in case of any injuries and contact the police to get a report in case the accident involves several parties.

The police report will be very useful for filing the claim. Some states require you have a police report when a car accident takes place.

When a natural disaster strikes your property, you must make sure it is safe to access or get near the place. Calling the fire department may be necessary to assess the situation, minimize danger and make sure it is safe to approach the site.

Once everything is clear of danger, you can take pictures and take notes on the state of your belongings. This applies for fire, flood, wind, water and many other types of damage. If you are not sure of the implications a particular disaster may have, you should contact a professional that can evaluate the damage.

Whatever the case may be, you will be under a lot of distress. Molina Rangel can ease your situation and provide the necessary help you require. We will gather all the evidence your claim will demand, we will categorize it and submit it in due time. Your time and peace of mind is valuable, and we will be pleased to help maximize both.

How do I file a claim?

GEICO insurance provides a couple of options for filing claims. The first is through their website, where you can log in and complete the filing process. The second option is through their mobile app, which offer similar options to the website.

Either path you prefer to follow the outcome will be the same. To rise your chances of success, you need to keep at hand some of your personal information, and information and evidence about the accident.

When you suffer a car accident, GEICO provides the option of booking and getting repair services online depending on your policies eligibility and coverage. You can also contact any of the associated auto shops.

In fact, you can find your nearest auto shop options if you access your claim. In addition, this insurance company offers the service of Auto Repair Xpress® on several locations and the repairs will be guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

Just remember not to wait too long before filing your claim. The more time you take between filing the claim and the date the accident took place, the chance of winning the claim will drop.

We cannot rely on our memory alone, as we might not remember everything in detail. Pictures, witnesses and any other evidence will be substantial for reinforcing your claim.

How do I prevent my rates from going up?

Your insurer may increase your rates or charge premiums on your policy whenever you file a claim.

Filing claims too often rise the payment of your policy as well. Insurance companies try to reduce all costs they spend on their clients.

So, if insurers consider you are a risk for their interests, they might decide to drop your coverage.

The bad news is once you reach the point where you are considered a high-risk policyholder, it is very difficult to change it and other insurance companies can see your record on the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE).

The good news is you can prevent reaching the point of no return and stay a safe policyholder.

GEICO includes “Accident forgiveness” as a one-time deal in your insurance policy. With this option, your insurer will dismiss an at-fault car accident and no extra premiums will be added to your current rates.

The availability of this option depends on your policy type, yet you can decide to skip acquiring it if you are a good driver.

Other measures for keeping your rates without a change include:

  • Avoid several claims within a short period of time.
  • Avoid submitting claims for low amounts of money, particularly if they are below your deductible.
  • Choose a high deductible that will prevent you from filing claims often and this can also lower your premiums.
  • Check your house or vehicle history. If they are preowned, and some claims have been filed, it is very likely you will have to pay high premiums.

Why do I need a help mediating my claims?

GEICO insurance, as many others, offers a range of options for filing your claim and keeping track of the process. Their web and mobile tools can very easy to use at any moment of the day.

They have reps willing to answer your questions and assist you in case of an accident. However, insurance agents and companies will try to settle for the lowest payment possible. They will try to reject or overlook any piece of evidence that can be important for your case.

Molina Rangel can help you ease your mind with an effective handling of your situation.

We have highly experienced public adjusters that deal with claims against GEICO on a regular basis. We can guide you in the process of filing your claim, finding the repairers and collecting the largest payment after winning your claim.

We have a professional approach to dealing with insurance claims with high attention to detail on every step of the process.

The only mistake you can make while hiring the public adjusters at Molina Rangel, is not hiring us sooner. We know you are facing a difficult situation whenever an accident happens. Rest assured we have your back and we will look after your own and your family’s interests.

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