Fire Damage

Fire Damage

Fire damage is one of the most complex and traumatic calamities faced in a household. Most of this complexity stems from the insurance claim process. When dealing with fire damage, it is common for insurance companies to look for any details that will allow them to deny the claim entirely or be able to significantly under pay. When you face an event such as a house fire that puts your life investment, your family, and even your pets at risk, the best course of action might be hard to discern within all the chaos and worry. Insurers may take advantage of this unsettled state and look for details to justify an underpaid settlement for the homeowner. If this is the case for you, hire Molina & Rangel to help you navigate the confusing terms of a fire damage claim and determine the best course of action.

Moreover, some of the damages from fire might go unnoticed initially. Fire and ash contamination are a large health threat to you and your family, but they are often overlooked by insurance companies. In case of a fire in your home, the most important actions to take are getting you and your family to safety, calling emergency services, and documenting all inflicted damages once the fire department says it is safe to return to the property. It can be very valuable to have certain measures in place beforehand in case of a fire. Molina & Rangel Associates highly recommends you:

  • Have water sprinklers installed and/or fire extinguishers distributed around the house (at least in the most susceptible areas such as the kitchen)
  • Stay as calm as you can in this situation, to avoid making the situation more stressful
  • Evacuate your house or property and immediately call the fire department, allowing them to deal with the situation
  • Follow all evacuation protocol in the case of an external fire, such as a nearby wildfire

We understand how devastating a house fire can be for you and your family. The professionals at Molina & Rangel Associates can help you minimize stress during the situation by handling the insurance claims process portion for you. Our team of public adjusters will provide any assistance necessary in the process of filing a claim and we will advocate for you so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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How to Prevent Fires at Home?

Fires can happen for a broad number of reasons and it is very difficult to anticipate every situation that can start one. Having precautions in place beforehand can help to mitigate or to prevent fire damage. Fire alarms are an inexpensive solution to help prevent fires from spreading across your entire home. Be sure that each of your fire alarms has working batteries at all times. Fire extinguishers are highly effective at preventing fire from spreading or putting them out completely. However, if the fire is larger than the size of a small trash can and there is a significant amount of smoke, do not attempt to extinguish the fire on your own. Call the fire department immediately and let the professionals handle it, rather than risking the safety of yourself or your family.

Fire doors are another great way to stop or slow fires, giving you more time to get to safety and call emergency services. Although they are a bit more expensive, water sprinklers are highly effective in areas that may be highly susceptible to fires.

They worked completely in my interest. They were an advocate for me and gave me a voice that I did not feel I had before. They found the best people to do the job and worked tirelessly with the insurance company to ensure I received the best settlement for my damaged roof. I got a new roof and my peace of mind back.
What a horrible experience dealing with our insurance company! The insurance companies will take a long time to resolve your claim anb then try to get out of paying you. Call this company with your concerns. They will fight for you and get you what you deserve.

Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith


After our sewer backed up and flooded our home, a co-worker recommend that we try them out. The whole process was a good experience considering the circumstances. (Cause how good could it really be when your sewer backs up into your house? Lol) They answered all of my many questions and were empathetic to my family’s situation. They even had someone show up the same day.
We just finished up with our insurance and I don’t believe we would have ever gotten this much back without their help. Thank you!! You guys are like the big brother I never had.

Patricia Moore

Patricia Moore


I contacted Molina & Rangel after being scared, overwhelmed and quite frankly mad by my insurance companys refusal to pay what was needed to repair the mold in my kitchen. There team took charge of my claim and guided me through the entire process. They got ALL the money needed to complete the repairs. There entire team was great and I recommened anyone needing repairs done for your home and feel like your insurance company is trying to scam you out of YOUR money.

Mandy Ferrera

Mandy Ferrera


What to Expect During and After Fire Damage?

While the priority is to reach safety in the event of a fire, you need to know that fire can affect your property and your health in many different ways. Some of those ways might not be visible, but can still affect the health of you and your family. For example, being exposed to ash and smoke can cause damage to your eyes, nose, and throat. Staying low and covering your head with a wet piece of cloth during a fire can reduce the severity of the effects. People with lung or heart conditions, young children, elderly adults, and pregnant women are more vulnerable and should be the first to reach safety. Inhaling smoke and fumes from burning materials — especially plastic — can lessen awareness of your surroundings. Some individuals can suffer from long-term effects if they are exposed to smoke for long periods of time.

If your property is not affected directly by a fire, but rather from a neighbor’s fire or a wildfire, you will still need to take some precautions. Reaching safety, avoiding inhalation of smoke, and calling emergency services are essential in these situations to help in damage mitigation. Yet, you need to be aware that even if the fire is not in your house, your property can be affected by smoke and water damage. Attempting to deal with those can be more harmful for your health, and should be done with extreme care or by trained professionals. Some particles of smoke or ash may linger in your property if they are not removed properly — some residue cannot be washed away. Hiring professional help will guarantee the safe disposal of all dangerous residues.

Benefits of hiring a Public Adjuster

When you hire us as public adjusters you receive countless benefits, in time, effort and money. Our services guarantee that your claim will be prosecuted in an accurate way and you will get the most benefit possible.

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What Does Fire Coverage Include?

The Insurance Information Institute states that the homeowner’s insurance should cover for fire damages on your property, detached structures — such as detached garages, sheds or fences —  if they are caught by the fire, and any additional costs if you and your family have incurred while living away from home during the reconstruction of your home.

All damages from a house fire should be properly documented before filing a claim. Pictures are the best evidence in these situations, and writing a description of the damages will help support your claim further. In the description,  you need to include the date of the incident, the condition and location of your home, and the type of loss. The documentation process needs to begin right away, as filing fire claims can be a lengthy process and the evidence can be easily contaminated by outside factors.

While you may think that filing a home damage claim is a simple and straightforward process, insurance companies look for flaws in the evidence so that they can charge you as little as possible. Call Molina & Rangel Associates today if you are the victim of fire damage in your home. Our team of expert public adjusters can help you with the insurance claim process from start to finish.

Why Do You Need a Public Adjuster?

Our team of public adjusters here at Molina & Rangel are here to help you in the disastrous event of a house fire. We understand how traumatic it is to face the significant loss of property, suffer from conditions that may affect your health, and even possibly suffer fatal losses. We take your protection very seriously and we guarantee that you will be fully compensated for what you deserve. Many factors can work against you when filing a claim. Following your insurer’s adjuster may lead to lengthy delays that will upset you to the point of accepting any settlement you are given. We will work with you at all times to prevent any further discomfort. Our team of experts will study your case and present your insurance company with the necessary evidence to ensure your claim gets approved, providing maximum compensation.

While we understand you may need some time to regain your composure after the catastrophe of a house fire, it is important to get started on your claim as soon as possible for the best results. Our team of skilled professionals at Molina & Rangel Associates will take over the entire process of the claim, so you won’t have to stress about getting the compensation you deserve. From sifting through your insurance policy, to assessing in detail all damages suffered, our team has vast experience negotiating fire claims with insurance companies. Your claim will be handled with extreme attention to detail and will be completed in a timely fashion. Do not wait any longer to contact us, as we will be working alongside you to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact Molina & Rangel Associates today so we can help you get back to rebuilding your life after suffering fire damage.

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