Burglary and Theft Damage: Important Advices!

Burglary and Theft Damage
Important Advices to have a safer free of Burglars Home

Your home is a place for peace and joy, a place to share with your beloved ones…you must be safe in it…but when that peace and safety is perturbed by intruders, you surely get terrified. Intruders, thieves or burglars, might hurt you, your family or take your possessions.

The intrusion into your property is a crime that entails material and psychological damages and requires the intervention of the official forces, like the police department. Calling 911 is the wisest choice in those experiences.

And after the situation is controlled by police force and the calm has returned to your home, it is the time for us to act: Molina Rangel Public Adjuster.

Why does Molina Rangel can help you? Once the calm is back, it is the time to check out what happened at home. Probably thieves or burglars took your possessions, broke windows glasses, or door locks.

If you have an insurance policy, you might feel alleviate about replacing your losses. But that is not so easy: if claim is not well conducted, instead of gaining, you will lose money and time.

The professional assistance of public adjusters is indispensable if you really want to end victorious during an insurance claim. That process is really tough and we know exactly what to do so you can be ease hiring us to conduct claim process. And be sure you will beat it!

About Burglary and Theft

Knowing the exactitude of the terms burglary and theft can help you to manage any incident that involves illegal intrusion better.

The terms are actually closely related and sometimes confused. Telling the truth, differences strive in specifics movements performed in each situation.

Talking about burglary, it is the mere intention of committing the crime meanwhile theft is the real action or perpetration. In the United States, each state has particular laws and penalties.

Legally, to establish a burglary, it is indispensable the occurrence of breaking and entering in a property.

When we say breaking, it can be actual or just the action of forcing a door; to use threats or fraud to enter a location, or having permission to enter a room but not to other one.

The terminology involves being inside a place without permission or using tricks. Entering involves either physical entry by a person or the insertion of an instrument to remove property.

If a tool was inserted in the property but nobody entered, that is not burglary…or if someone entered without breaking, it is not burglary. Got it? A little complicated, but not for us. Public Adjusters know best!

On the other hand, theft is not only getting into somebody’s property, but the fact of taking another person’s property without that person’s permission or consent and take it as its own.

Other terms as well “theft” are used to refer to this offense: stealing, thieving or filching. To be victim of theft is a really fearful experience.

The amount of theft in the country are incredible high every year; official information estimates the number of reports in about 10 million last year; in fact the rate of theft was estimated in around 3,000 per 100,000 inhabitants which is really alarming considering all investments made by the government in security.

Everyone in the country has been visible exposed to at least one in his/her life to a crime like theft. Outside walking along in the street, in a mall, inside a shop or at home any incident might happen.

Molina Rangel and Burglar or Thief Damages

Being victim of burglar or thief requires solving many issues: police reports, check out losses, repair broken doors, or start a claim at your insurance company.

They urge your full attention so professional help besides you is pretty much important, especially if you want to start a claim. Along the years, we have learnt how hard is for victims to think clear about all the necessary procedures after the crime incident.

Furthermore, legal issues that entangled to anyone. Walk along the claim process with us, we can take care of the claim as follows:

If you haven’t done it, we call insurance company and to report the incident. Probably they will request you attend personally and answer some questions. You must not go alone.

We can be by your side and be well assisted. For that first meeting at insurance company, take with you police report and a list of the lost items (in case of theft) or a list of damages (if theft was not committed but burglary).

Our professional advice can move the claim process in your favor and you will be a satisfied client. Molina Rangel public adjuster is characterized by a comprehensive service. Never worry about your claim and trust on us.

Attitudes that make you an easy victim for burglary or theft

We move on every day without thinking about being victim of burglary or theft.  Sometimes we are unsuspecting and we do not take minimal precautions to avoid being victim from burglary or theft. There is some general misbehavior that exposes you to danger:

  • To leave doors or windows unlocked. That is the first place burglars and thieves search to enter through. According to statistics, 65% of the time, in those homes that was victim of burglary or theft, doors or windows were unlocked or open.
  • To have easy to break doors, poor quality door frames or broken windows. One or all of these conditions are home, are ideal for intruders get into your home. They usually make a research in neighborhoods and study which homes are more vulnerable.
  • To publish on social networks when your home is alone. Talking in public places about your vacations, your outer activities or specify your location in social networks, provide burglars and thieves with enough information about you. Be discrete.
  • To open the door to unknown people. Not everybody is bad…but not everybody is good. If you do not know well a person, the person looks suspicious or seems nervous, avoid opening the door. If it is possible, talk to the person through the window.
  • To have a tag name and address with the keys of your home. Do not think about honesty will prevail. Instead think that a burglar or thief will have your home keys.
  • To leave your house keys with your car in a commercial parking lot or with an attendant. You do not know if they can be taken or being copied.
  • To leave extra keys under the front mat or in the plant pot next to the door. Somebody might see you keeping your extra door in the so called secret place.

Try to avoid those conducts to safeguard your home.

Important Advices to have a safer free of Burglars and thieves Home

It is true you can find guidance and assistance to make a claim by yourself. Insurance companies may even aid in this process. Yet, there are many possibilities that will prevent you from getting your claim approved with the maximum compensation.

Experts in security express that a burglar or thief needs less than five minutes to get into your home. After that time, if they haven’t succeeded, they quit and try to find another place easier to get in. Having this information in mind, try to follow our advices…they will stop intruders or delay experts ones:

  • Install security devices as padlocks, locks in door and windows, bars and bolds which increase security. Be sure they work properly.
  • Install a burglar Alarm. They are designed to alert you when someone enters to your home without your consent.
  • Invest on Security Cameras. To install cameras at entry points but hard to reach is a good option. Burglars and thieves will know that they are being watched.
  • Ponder privacy vs security. Perhaps you do not like to be observed by your neighbors using high fences, bush or creepers. But that landscape might be useful for burglars or thieves to hide.
  • Light your home surroundings. Light will make burglars or thieves be out of the shadows.
  • Keep valuable items out of easy sight or that can be seen from outside.

Burglar and Theft in Numbers

Some important facts that you probably might not know about burglary and theft are:

Not all theft are suitable of receive a penalty or being considered a crime; to receive a penalty for theft the amount taken must be of $988.

The F.B.I says that every 14.6 seconds a burglar gets into a house.

34% of burglars get into your home through the front door; 4% get through an unlocked entrance; 23 % through first floor window; 22% through the back door; 9% through the garage and 2% through second floor window.

Be confident once you hired Molina Rangel. We will lead your claim to a good ending. We offer a complete set of specialists that provide the best assistance in burglary or theft events. Our people manage the law, its implications, casualties and insurance terminology. Never defeated, always the best settlement for our clients, for you…

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