Allstate Insurance Claims: What should I expect when filing a claim?

Insurance Claims:

What should I expect when filing a claim?

In our everyday lives, we are subject to a series of challenges and setbacks that require our immediate attention.

These can range from having a simple affliction, like a cold or a checkup; roadside assistance, or more severe situations, such as natural disasters, material or personal loss. It is in cases like these, when we look for efficient and timely solutions, which is why we go to our trusted insurance companies to aid us in our time of need.

Allstate will help you recover and rebuild, not only to protect our present, but also to guarantee our future. Allstate services include auto, home, renters, life, condo, motorcycle, boat, and many more.

To get the most quality service out of the insurance company and to start any process regarding this, first it’s necessary to issue a claim, depending on the insurance need you may have.

In order to receive the most accurate assistance and response, your insurance company has put many tools at your disposal.

Visit to receive further information about their policies and services. Also, by installing the Allstate Mobile App, you’ll be able to create and account and become a part of the Allstate family.

Have 24/7 access to insurance agents by calling 1-800-ALLSTATE. Some claims are handled differently, so make sure to check from the available list of contacts: For life claims, 1-800-366-3495; for annuity claims, 1-877-499-6418; for other claims, go online and contact the corresponding agents.

As simple and effortless as it may seem, many things can go wrong when filing your claim.

Any missed detail or important piece of evidence or information, might seriously influence the outcome of your claim, and your insurance company might and will deny it.

At Molina Rangel, we deeply empathize with your situation, and we understand that it brings you and your loved ones a great deal of stress. We have trained a great team of public adjusters, with an impressive track record in successful claims filed with this company.

We are more than happy to aid you in this time, and help you reach your desired goal. For this, it’s imperative you follow some indications when filing a claim is needed.

What should I do during and after an accident?

The priority during an incident is to remain calm and decide what the best solution to the mishap is.

You need to evaluate the situation: check for injuries on yourself or anyone around you, determine if there are immediate threats to your life and others’ lives, decide if further loss of property can be prevented, verify and record the current state of the property, and call emergency services if applicable (ambulance, police or fire department).

Provided you were on the road and you were struck by another car, the first thing to do is checking for injuries.

In any collision you should not move your car by yourself, unless it is a direct threat to your life or some else’s.

Calling an ambulance and the police department depending on the severity of the situation is always a good idea. In fact, some states require you to file a police report along with any insurance claims you may have.

In case of a water leak, the presence of mold in your house or some other incidents that do not represent a drastic and sudden threat, the approach will be different. The sooner you report the incident the better. Something similar may happen with natural disasters such as floods, strong winds, hail, and hurricanes. Keeping a record of everything that was damaged, the value and proof of existence will be highly useful in your claim.

Even if it is not mandatory, having an official police report will strengthen your case further ahead. For a fender bender and a big crash alike, the official statement is always helpful. If there are any fluid leaks or sparks, you should keep a fire extinguisher at hand and make use of it at the presence of fire.

Calling the fire department is helpful in case of fire or if the doors are jammed and you cannot exit the vehicle.

While in your house, the approach can be similar in the event of a fire. Getting to safety and calling the authorities is mandatory. If you have the means to extinguish the fire and it has not spread too far, you can try to put it out.

Yet, think of the repercussions you may suffer from inhaling smoke in the long term. If this is the case, you need to report so in your claim as it will show that you actively participated in the prevention of the calamity.

What should I expect when filing a claim?

For you as a costumer, it is very important to keep track of everything related not only to your accident or setback, but also to every claim-related detail. Once a claim has been filed, it generates a number which will help you keep track of the process. MAKE SURE TO WRITE IT DOWN. Be sure to provide every single detail, since your case will be thoroughly investigated to assess your loss. Please provide all the needed assistance.

The insurance company, after having evaluated your case and determined the extent of loss or damage, will provide you with an estimate to be settled and paid, based on your insurance company’s policies. You need to keep all of this information organized. Your insurance company may contact you at any given moment prior to the final payout, in order to adjust the final amount to be paid.

What should I do to prevent higher premiums?

Insurance companies try to avoid paying as much money as possible. Whenever you file a claim, the insurer will see it as a potential danger to their financial interests. Asking for your policy money is your right, but you need to bear in mind low-cost repairs will cause more nuisance if they are filed through your insurance company than what it will solve. Having a high deductible will prevent you from filing claims so often and also you can get potential discounts as the insurance company will see you as a low-risk client.

Allstate even allows you to purchase accident forgiveness if you are eligible for the option. Even if you are at-fault, your rates will not increase and you will be able to continue using your insurance normally. If you consider you are a good driver with a clean driving record, this option should not be taken.

Why should I hire a public adjuster?

Here at Molina Rangel, our main interest is to have our customers receive a fair and just treatment, when it comes to facing setbacks or catstrophes. We understand that no one wants to be involved in harm-bringing situations, so we have decided and taken it upon ourselves to help you receive the best retribution, helping you get back on your feet as soon as possible. Our team of trained professionals will review your case, presenting you with the best options to optimize your renumeration.

At the moment of tragedy, you as the affected party may have a hard time processing insurance information, as your head is busy dealing with your current affair. This may impair your ability to give detail or provide necessary information that may end up having your file claimed. We promise to provide most efficient attention, and know how difficult it is to be in need of something, and be denied of it. Wait no longer, contact our agents to receive quality treatment, and a more than fair resolve. Your well-being is important to us.

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